To ensure a world where every horse is properly protected and cared for by us is without a doubt a tremendous task. Please help us to care for them, for a better future, for everyone who dreams of that task in taking on a rehabilitated and retrained equine, the ultimate achievement. We have the opportunities to make a real difference with your help and the expertise of our volunteers. The donations you make are vital to our work in supporting the project teams in their work with these equines. Making sure the correct feeding régime is put into place for equine. Making a donation will allow us to do more to improve the lives of horses and ponies brought to us for help.

During this time they will need shoeing, feeding, bedding, worming, rugs, veterinary care, physiotherapy treatment and just so much more. The list is endless; therefore this is where your support is greatly needed. For example YOUR donation will help towards their future:-

£14.00 will buy a bag of feed
£12.00 will help buy vitamins
£70.00 will buy a set of shoes
£100.00 will replace old turnout and stable rugs or make a huge dent in our monthly winter hay bill

Horse Rescue Scotland are delighted to be able to advise that HMRC have written to confirm that they have now recognised Horse Rescue Scotland as a charity for tax purposes in line with the 2010 Finance Act. This is effective from 3rd October 2013. HMRC have also confirmed that, for tax purposes, Horse Rescue Scotland is a charitable company.

A larger donation could mean the next horse will not be turned away.

Donating to Horse rescue Scotland

Guaranteeing a proud Scottish Nation, demonstrating to the international community where every horse is appropriately protected and cared for. This is an expensive task. Help us to care for them, endlessly, for one and all. We have the opportunity to make a real difference with your help. Your donations are vital to our work. Making a donation will allow us to do more to improve the lives of horses.

There are many ways to support our work, giving a regular donation to our funds, volunteering your time, or by making a lasting difference by making a gift in your will (more details to follow).

Ultimately there is also something that Horse Rescue Scotland can guarantee – The guarantee that we can deliver to our regular and corporate sponsors is two-fold: Every penny of your much needed investment will be spent in Scotland, and, we will account to you for every penny spent.

Alternatively, you can visit to donate easily, quickly and securely.