Peter MacDonald – LLB(Hons), ACII, Barrister – Chairman

A graduate of the University of East Anglia School of Law, Peter went on to study for the Part II Bar Exams for England and Wales at the Inns of Court School of Law, Holburn and was called to the bar in 1982.

Having joined one of the UK’s leading insurers, Peter has continued working in the insurance industry for the last thirty years and is now working for a leading firm of solicitors based in Glasgow specialising in insurer representation.

Peter’s interest in animal welfare was originally sparked at University when studying jurisprudence under the tutelage of Dr Jean-Marie Chandelle (now Professor of Law at the University of Brussels). The growing notion that the abuse and exploitation of “sentient animals” for profit and gain had deep-seated ethical implications for everyone was rapidly becoming an area of genuine legal concern and a “battlefield” of ideas that pitched property rights against ethical notions of commerce and agriculture.

However, it was not until attending a series of lectures by the renowned Australian philosopher Peter Singer (author of “Animal Liberation”) in 1995 that this interest became clearly focussed on justifying human exploitation of animals only in terms of increased welfare development.

Peter’s areas of special concern are the developing relationships between devolved administrations and the EU.

Peter is married with three children and both lives and works in the Glasgow area and rides regularly.