Snoopy – Recently re-homed!

Snoopy is a Cob x 14h/14h1 7-year-old gelding. Successfully rehomed!

Snoopy came into the rescue as a young gelding without much handling. He was sent for scans and
diagnosed with a heart mummer although this will not cause any issues for him. He was fostered by an
experienced horse trainer who worked hard with him for 6 months teaching him basics, she introduced
him to clicker training which he quickly got the hang of.

He is a fast learner once he feels comfortable around you. Snoopy requires an owner who is willing to take the time to get to know him and once in his new home allow him to settle and feel safe. He was lightly backed whilst out in a home but is being rehomed as a project with no guarantee of being able to be ridden.

He is a sweet horse whocan live out 24/7, is currently sharing a field with a mixed herd.