“Imagining a world without horses unveils a stark emptiness, for their grace and strength shape the very fabric of human history”

“Let us safeguard their presence, for a world with horses is a world enriched by their spirit.”

Why do we do what we do?

We are a team of volunteers and our work is funded 100% by public donations. This means we
have no paid staff and that all of the donations raised are dedicated to the work of the charity. We
need the community – you – to help us continue our work in Scotland and remain a primary provider of
care. We source our own vets, transport, feed, and medication, and rely on the very generous public
who continue to help and support us. The more donations we receive the more work we can

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, or just want to learn more then please consider
making a donation and browse the site for more information.

We are also active on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and welcome a like, share, and
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Rehoming Horses in the UK is a significant undertaking*

Rescue Cases: Each year, thousands of horses in the UK are rescued from situations of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. These cases involve various breeds, ages, and backgrounds.

Rehabilitation Success: Rehoming success rates vary, but many equine rescue organizations in the UK report successful rehabilitation and rehoming rates of around 80% or higher.

Equine Overpopulation: Equine overpopulation remains a challenge, with approximately 6,000 horses in the UK reported as at risk or in need of rescue and rehoming.

Volunteer Engagement: Equine rescue non-profits in the UK benefit from the dedication of over [X number of] volunteers who contribute their time and skills to care for and rehabilitate rescued horses.

Adoption Process: Equine rescue organizations often have comprehensive adoption processes, including home checks, equine health checks, and compatibility assessments. This careful process helps ensure horses are placed in suitable forever homes.

Financial Support: Equine rescue charities heavily rely on donations and fundraising efforts to cover costs related to veterinary care, rehabilitation, feeding, and overall well-being of rescued horses.

Awareness and Education: Equine rescue organizations play a crucial role in raising awareness about responsible horse ownership, proper care, and the importance of reporting cases of neglect or abuse.

*Statistics are provided and compiled from multiple sources and from trends that may not reflect the current data. HRS uses a combination of independent fact-checkers, AI language models, and other sources.




“Within the powerful presence of a horse, we find a reflection of our own potential for greatness. Their strength becomes our inspiration, and their grace, our aspiration. As one wise individual once remarked, ‘Horses teach us not only to ride but to journey with our hearts.”

— Inspired by the profound connection between humans and horses.