Governance is mandatory

Horse Rescue Scotland are proud to be part of OSCR (Scottish Charity Register) & part of this mandates we are always in compliance and transparent with everyone we deal with. Below are some headlines to cover the FAQ, more details can be requested from or by reaching out via our Contact page.

Please see here to download the complete constitution

Charity Trustees is open to:

  • Any person aged 16 or over; and /or
  • Any individual who has been nominated for membership by and unincorporated organisation; and/or
  • Any Corporate Body
  • The maximum number of Charity Trustees is 13 [thirteen]
  • The minimum number of Charity Trustees is 3 [three]
  • The board must arrange a meeting of the Charity Trustees (AGM) in each calendar year, reporting on the immediately preceding financial year of the organisation
  • The gap between the one AGM and the next must not me longer than 15 months
  • Notwithstanding clause 22, an AGM does not need to be held during the calendar year in which the organisation is formed; but the first AGM must still be held within 15 months of the date on which the organisation is incorporated and entered on the Scottish Charity Register.

Horse Rescue Scotland is required to make available financial information, Charity affiliation and other important documents. The list below is not exhaustive, with others available on request