We take the process of rehoming very seriously

From start to finish it’s important we are up-front and transparent and let you know how things are going from outset.

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When you speak with one of our Trustees regarding rehoming you will be speaking to someone who is familiar with the process and understanding of your requirements and needs.

The vast majority of the horses and ponies we deal with are transferred directly from the current owner to the new owner without the necessity of Horse Rescue Scotland taking possession of your horse or pony.

Moving a horse or pony can be costly and very stressful for your horse or pony to undertake.

Unfortunately, this is not something HRS can legally commit to. When rehoming completes we are not in a position to enable any future contact with the new owners.

We understand this is a very difficult decision however hrs cannot assist in this scenario. We feel that it’s better for the Horse and the families to arrange for the final days of the animals time to be managed between you and your vets.

We are often contacted about retiring your horse to life the remainder of it’s days in an environment considered as a sanctuary or retirement arrangement. HRS doesn’t have the land, resources, or financial background to offer this however there are specialist organisations that can help in this scenario.

More Information

Please see here to download our complete guide to rehoming. For information please get in touch by using the contact form above or email.