Privacy Matters. We are an organisation who are careful.

Horse Rescue Scotland is a responsible organisation and takes your privacy extremely seriously. We consider any interaction with our patrons confidential and with the topic of rehoming animals being at the centre we understand that through no fault of anyone times can get tough. The decision to explore rehoming a horse that may have been with you for your entire lifetime is never easy and it’s important you can be assured no information you don’t want made available as part of the rehoming process will be possible. With that in mind we must adhere to industry standard GDPR practices

Data Protection and GDPR 2018 – A Summary

Horse Rescue Scotland is registered with Scottish Information Commissioner’s Office as a relevant “Data Controller”.

We undertake to:

  1. Keep all personal data collected secure and confidential to Horse Rescue Scotland and to use our best endeavours to protect this data from intrusion by Third Parties or from misuse or unauthorised distribution;
  2. Not to sell, lease or otherwise trade your personal data to Third Parties without your express permission but your data will be stored on servers or “cloud applications” owned and managed by others as the need arises;
  3. Only to retain data that is relevant to your relationship with Horse Rescue Scotland to the extent it is necessary to do so;
  4. Provide you with details of the data we hold upon request and to amend, rectify or delete information as directed by you. This information will be provided within 28 days of your request and amendments and deletions actioned within the same period;
  5. To use your data for the purposes of communicating with you directly about our charity, its aims and objectives for the purposes of promotion and education but also for the purpose of raising revenues and donations;
  6. To be transparent about the reasons why we collect data and what we aim to do with the data we collect. This may include collecting details of your name and address, your age and your e-mail address, your contact telephone number and other information personal to you. This may extend to collecting bank details if you wish to donate or set up a direct debit mandate