100% of all sums go to helping our horses

Horse Rescue Scotland are 100% funded by generous individuals and organisations and we guarantee that all of the fund raised go towards the well-being of our horses.

Caring for horses under normal conditions is an expensive undertaking and when you consider the increasing cost of vetting, land, medication and so on it’s more important than ever we are doing all that we can to help.

Your donations will always be appreciated and never spent on salaries, office space, or anything that doesn’t have a direct benefit to the horses. We are extremely grateful to the organisations and invidividuals who help.

We are solely accepting donations via direct bank transfer, this reduces any fees and overheads incurred from payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, etc.

We also make great use of the Gift Aid system, enabling the Charity to claim a further 25p for every £1 pledged with no increase to your expense. If you are a UK Resident and contribute to Income Tax you can complete this form here.

When completed, please email the file to:

We’re always looking for ideas!

Get in touch to learn more about the charity and how you can help.


Banking Details​

BankBarclays Bank UK PLC
Sort Code20-33-96
Account Number80386081
IBANGB06 BUKB 2033 9680 3860 81

We help​

From start to finish, transport and updates.

No Min. Donation

Every little helps and a little can go far

We Build​

We ensure we put everything we have into building a horse back​

We Educate​

We are a team of experts and enthusiasts who have been where you are.